Astrology: Know the effect of Saturn in different houses

Astrology, an ancient method, traces the influence of celestial bodies on humans, providing insight into their physical, mental, emotional and overall life experiences. This guiding force has been present since ancient civilizations.

Importance of Saturn:

Saturn, the sixth planet of the solar system, has been named Shanidev in Indian astrology. According to Hindu mythology, he is the son of Surya Dev (Sun) and Chhaya (Shadow), also known as Chhayaputra. Some astrologers consider Saturn to be the most aggressive and cruel among the nine planets. Known as the God of Justice, who symbolizes ‘Karma’, Shani rewards and punishes every human being based on their deeds, emphasizing the importance of karmic balance. Strong position of Saturn is believed to increase understanding and responsibility, while weak Saturn brings difficulties and troubles in life.

In astrology, there are a total of 12 different houses, each of which represents aspects of a person’s life, including values, blessings, holistic living, and sacrifices. Each house corresponds to different aspects of one’s personality, which is evident in the birth chart.

Impact on houses:

First House: Considered to be the house of life, self, confidence and presence, the position of Saturn here reflects a serious, reserved and cautious personality with low self-esteem. Natives will have to trust the process and learn to overcome difficulties, troubles and insecurities.

Second House: Known as the house of values, wealth and property, Saturn in the second house brings a practical, realistic and conservative approach to money and property.

Third House: Associated with self-expression, siblings and relatives, Saturn in the third house brings obstacles in building and nurturing relationships with siblings, requiring additional planetary support for easy communication.

Fourth House: Saturn in the fourth house representing childhood, mother and mother’s love is considered inauspicious, indicating problems and obstacles in parenting.

5th House: Symbol of love, joy and creativity, Saturn in the 5th house brings a strong desire for fame, recognition and success, but it may result in delays and disappointments in love life and artistic creations.

Sixth House: Related to home, work and service, the presence of Saturn here creates a strong work ethic, attention to detail and a sense of responsibility.

Seventh House: Associated with legal partnerships, business and marriage, Saturn in the seventh house brings a serious, mature and committed approach towards relationships, which emphasizes loyalty, responsibility and fairness.

Eighth House: Related to intimacy, change, and shared interests, Saturn’s placement represents a heavy burden of responsibilities towards the family, along with a keen interest in the mysteries of life and death.

Ninth House: Saturn in the ninth house gives philosophical, ethical and visionary approach towards beliefs, values and ideals.

Tenth House: Associated with career, public life and reputation, the position of Saturn here is considered highly auspicious, bringing perseverance, responsibility and practicality, promoting a professional, ambitious and authoritative approach.

11th House: Saturn in the 11th house brings a social, humanitarian and innovative approach to friends, groups and goals.

12th House: Saturn in the 12th house brings a strong sense of spirituality and solitude. Individuals may face difficulties when facing fears, but the journey often leads to the discovery of their true nature.