Ayodhya: Ram temple complex to be expanded to 107 acres, Trust acquired more land

LUCKNOW: Ram JanamBhoomi Pilgrimage Trust on Tuesday bought 676.85 square meters of land for Rs 1 crore to increase 70 acres of the Ram Lala Mandir complex. Now the trust has a total of 107 acres of land. Trust general secretary Champat Rai purchased the land from Swami Deepanarayan, the owner of the land for Rs 1 crore. The land was registered on Tuesday. This land is next to the famous Ashrafi Bhawan adjacent to the 70-acre temple complex.

BJP MLA from Gosainganj I.P. Tiwari and senior member of the trust and Ayodhya pracharak of the RSS Dr Anil Mishra witnessed witnessing the signing of the registry papers for the land deal.

With this, the trust began the exercise of purchasing land and old houses bordering the 70-acre temple complex, which was found to resolve the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid land dispute following a November 2019 Supreme Court ruling.

A senior member of the trust said that this is being done to bring uniformity across the boundary of the temple complex and to implement plans for the expansion of the grand Ram Lala temple.

The main temple would be constructed in an area of ​​only 5 acres, but the trust required at least 107 acres of land for the construction of Ram Lala temple and other structures, including a museum, library, yagyasala, various parts of Lord Rama’s life. Includes picture gallery showing episodes.

The office bearers of the trust have already identified the land and houses in Ramkot area, have started the process of negotiating with the house owners living around the temple premises for the purpose of buying houses and land. The Trust has already collected Rs 2100 crore during its 44-day Samarth Nidhi campaign. The money collected is being audited and the trust members expect the final amount of donations to be more than Rs 2500 crore.

The Trust is deliberating to launch a Global Summer Fund Campaign for Ram devotees living abroad to raise sufficient funds to carry out its ambitious expansion plans.