AYUSH Ministry supports a novel e-marathon as part of the ‘Ayush for Immunity’ Campaign

New Delhi: The Ministry of AYUSH has joined hands with Rajagiri College of Social Sciences and Rajagiri Business School, Kochi to organise a novel e-marathon, as a part of the Ministry’s three-month campaign called “Ayush for Immunity”, focussing on desirable health-promotive and disease preventive steps. Combining technology, physical run, charity and wellness programs, this e-event is expected to add positivity and good health to the lives of the participants.

This e-marathon is being conducted for the cause of supporting the education of COVID affected children and to enhance the well-being of the participants during the current pandemic crisis. The theme of the e-marathon is “Recharge Mental Health: During and beyond the Covid-19 Pandemic”.

The Rajagiri e-marathon is designed to promote physical and mental well-being of the people of all age-groups, across geographies. The participants of e-marathon can take part in the event in timings of their choice and at safer places. They also have a long duration of 10 days at their disposal to complete the running challenges. A wellness app will integrate the individual running reading of the participants to a central server (computer) so that all participants will be connected via the centralised software application.

Participants are required to register their name throughemarathon.rajagiri.eduwebsite and they will be directed through e-mails on how to go forward. Though the participants need not buy any fitness app for this event, they will need to carry a smartphone or to wear a fitness band while participating in the race.

The event will be open from 28th September 2020 to 10th October 2020 (15 days). The conclusion of the event will coincide with the “Vihara” focus of the “Ayush for Immunity” campaign, which will be spread over the month of October, 2020.

This event aims to enhance the social nearness of people while observing physical distance. The event incorporates an entire wellness campaign with yoga, meditation, webinars and entertainment.

The organisers have announced that the entire registration fees will be donated to 50 children in Mumbai, who lost their parents to Covid-19. Childline India Foundation will facilitate this charity to procure learning devices. Around 8000 participants from India and abroad are expected to join this novel event.

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