How ‘Baba ka Dhaba’ got famous in 24 hrs

New Delhi: The Covid pandemic has brought along unlimited narratives: Of valour, determination, societal affection and pathos. This is one such story of humanity trumpeting hardships.

During the past many months, we have all been locked inside our homes. As everyone knows, the people of Delhi are crazy about street food. But during the Corona period, dining and snacking out was significantly cut.

In such a situation, what would have happened to those families who used to survive by cooking food on the roadside or running small dhabas?

‘Baba ka Dhaba’ became famous in 24 hrs

One such place was ‘Baba ka Dhaba’ in Malviya Nagar, where an 80-year-old couple was barely able to make the ends meet by cooking homemade food for the proletariat. But then Corona changed everything!
It happened because people didn’t step out of their houses and, therefore, stopped eating at their dhaba. It meant the end of the couple’s income, which made it difficult for them to warm their own hearth. In such tough times, their plight was noticed by Ashutosh, who made a video of the couple and posted it on social media.

‘Baba ka Dhaba’ became famous in 24 hours:The people of Delhi, who often pride themselves saying ‘Dilli Dilwaalon Ki’, could not hold back their tears after seeing the plight of the elderly couple. The video went viral and there was soon a lot of loving food entering the doors of Baba ka Dhaba.
This video by Ashutosh, which was shared on his Twitter account, shows the elderly couple crying. Recording the video, Ashutosh can be heard urging the old couple to keep hope, faith and patience.

The video also shared the background information that the couple has been cooking food at the stall since 1988 but Corona had dealt a death knell to its business. He also showed a dish, assuring the viewers that it was hygienic and tasty, requesting Delhiites to visit ‘Baba ka Dhaba’ and patronise the couple. The video immediately went viral and was viewed over 1.7 million times. Netizens retweeted the video in mammoth numbers and requested the people of Delhi to not only go and support the business of the elderly couple but also of all local businesses in their areas.

This video is getting reactions from across the country and even Bollywood celebs have joined the cause. An overwhelmed Baba, seeing such a groundswell of support, has said that it has given him the resolve to reach out and help many other people who might be in need of strength and hope.

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