Biryani, Pizza: Farmers Having Lavish Meals at Protests diminished the meaning of a protest

Thousands of farmers from Haryana, Punjab, and other states are on an indefinite protest at Delhi’s border points, voicing their concerns against the new farm laws, which they fear will dismantle the minimum support price system.

With no footing achieved between the protesting farmers and the central government yet, the public demonstrations are still on. To help them in their ongoing protests, farmers have received unprecedented aid from several organisations across the country to make sure they’re well-fed, while also ensuring they need beds which their basic necessities are met.

The farmers braving cold weather conditions to protest have been given an enormous roti making machine installed at the protest site which may churn out about 1500 to 2000 rotis in an hour.

International NGO Khalsa Aid has found out a foot massage centre at the borders so as to make sure that the farmers, many of them elderly, stay healthy and fit. Around 25 machines are found out inside a tent and the farmers were invited for a ten-minute session each.

Apart from the tea, snacks being distributed at the borders, activists of Bhartiya Kisan Union from Barmi and Boparai Kalan villages recently set up “pizza langars” during a bid to boost the morale of protestors, The Tribune noted.

The photos and videos of farmers receiving help and support from several sections of the society have since gone viral on social media with many praising the selfless efforts and noble acts being documented at the protests’ sites. However, some on social media criticised the “lavish” aid being provided to farmers.

They alleged that the “real farmers” work on the field. Many wondered if the “cosy beds” and decent meals diminished the meaning of a protest altogether.