BJP’s Subvendu and Congress’s Kaustab Bagchi called each others to overthrow Trinamool

Leader of Opposition Subvendu Adhikari and Congress leader lawyer Kaustab Bagchi held a press conference while standing side by side. ‘No vote to Mamata’, two leaders of BJP and Congress called others to overthrow Trinamool.

BJP leader Subhendu Adhikari informed that in order to meet with Congress leader Kausthov, the two had a phone conversation earlier. If it wasn’t for the phone, there was little chance of them meeting.

According to political circles, Subvendu and Kaustubh have come closer to break the party barrier with the aim of ousting the Mamata government. It is noteworthy that the top leadership of BJP and Congress has not even given a second thought to the simultaneous fight between these two leaders.

Shuvendu and Kaustubh are calling everyone here for the anti-Mamata government movement. Standing next to the leader of the opposition party, Kausthav is talking about alternative politics. According to the political circles, Shuvendu is standing by because he supports the statement of Kaustav.

What is that alternative politics? Is Subhendu-Kaustavra trying to create a situation of a larger opposition alliance in the state? Whatever happens in other states, they are desperate to unite the opposing forces here. Calling for a Congress-free India, the BJP is speaking in unison to attack the Trinamool government here.

In the 2011 assembly elections, a large section of Naxal politics including SUCI supported Trinamool and Congress JET. The objective was to root out the 35-year-old Left Front government. From singers who call themselves Naxals, many ‘wise’ were seen in the Trinamool camp.

The leftist government was eventually overthrown. In 2011, CPM’s star candidates suffered a humiliating defeat. The margin of victory was so much to forget the vote-politics! The then Trinamool allies are now in the opposition camp.

The opposition united to attack the Left Front. Subhendu was also involved in that strategy of 2011 assembly election. The political circles think that Subhendu-Kaustabhara has come up to oust her due to Mamata’s strategy.

These two BJP and Congress leaders are eager to unite the opposition forces here. That is, two conflicting political parties. Both of them know that the importance of making such a call is much greater if they are in two separate groups. A

Although there are speculations that he might join the BJP, Kausthav has not announced that he will join the saffron camp. In that case the theory of alternative politics will lose significance. The role of Shuvendu and Kaustuv recalls the anti-left role of Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee before 2011.