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New York, once the center of Covid-19 in America, is coming back to normal life

Read in Hindi: कभी अमेरिका में कोविड-19 का केंद्र रहा न्यूयॉर्क अब सामान्य जनजीवन में लौट रहा है More than a year after the coronovirus shutdown, “the city that never sleeps” in a fit sleep, New York may wake up again this summer. Starting Wednesday, vaccinated New Yorkers can take off their masks under most

India’s Hyderabad-based firm Biological E, will make the COVID-19 vaccine with Johnson & Johnson

Also read in Hindi: भारत की हैदराबाद स्थित फर्म बायोलॉजिकल ई, जॉनसन एंड जॉनसन के साथ मिलकर COVID-19 वैक्सीन का निर्माण करेगी This comes hours after Prime Minister Narendra Modi organized a conference with officials from various districts across the country and assured continued efforts to ‘boost vaccine supplies on a large scale’. Biological E.

‘Shocked and frightened’: Israeli airstrikes destroy AP, Al Jazeera offices on live television

Journalists from the Associated Press, Al Jazeera and other international news outlets were forced to flee for their lives on Saturday, when Israeli forces bombed their high-rise office building in Gaza City. The missile attack, one of several attempts by Israeli forces to kneel journalists in the region, left the Associated Press “shocked and frightened”

Russian vaccine Sputnik V first batch arrives in India

New Delhi: India received the first consignment of Russia’s Covid-19 vaccine Sputnik-V on Saturday. The first batch of 1,50,000 doses arrived from Moscow to Hyderabad. Another consignment of the Russian vaccine, three million doses, is coming to India this month. The vaccine will be distributed in the laboratories of Dr. Reddy, who has joined hands