Kerala nurse on death row reunites with her mother in Yemen jail after 11 years

Indian nurse Nimisha Priya, who was sentenced to death for killing a Yemeni man, met her mother in jail after 11 years. Nimisha ran to her mother and hugged her and both of them started crying.

Nimisha Priya’s mother Prema Kumari visited Sana jail on Wednesday (April 24).

It is said that Priya, while trying to get her passport back, accidentally killed the man she had in her custody.

After meeting her daughter and spending a few hours with her in Sana jail, Prema Kumari said in a video message that she was not sure whether she would see Priya again.

Kumari said, “As soon as she saw me, she came running to me calling me mummy and hugged me. We both cried.”

Priya consoles her mother, urging her not to cry and assuring her that everything will be fine.

Kumari said, “Then she also started crying. We hugged each other and cried. I was seeing her after so many years.”
During their brief reunion, the two dined together and spent precious moments together.

Kumari described the strong support she received from other female prisoners and highlighted the importance of Priya in her life.

Nimisha Priya: Kerala nurse’s mother reaches Yemen to save her from death sentence
He revealed, “There are women of all ages in the jail and for them Nimisha is an essential part of their lives. They all came and hugged and kissed me.”

This journey happened because of Save Nimisha Priya International Council. He helped Kumari to go to Yemen. Delhi High Court allowed Kumari to talk to the victim’s family about blood money to save Priya from the gallows.

Yemen follows Sharia law which allows amnesty if the victim’s family accepts “blood money”.

Yemen’s Supreme Court had earlier rejected Priya’s appeal against the death sentence, and offered her a final chance for clemency through securing forgiveness from the victim’s family by paying blood money.

Priya has been convicted of murdering Talal Abdo Mahdi, who died in July 2017 after she injected him with a sedative to get his passport back from his possession.

It was alleged that Priya drugged him so he could retrieve his passport when he became unconscious, but he died of an overdose.