Center brings ordinance on transfer, posting of officials in Delhi Govt.

New Delhi: After the decision of the Supreme Court, the Central Government has brought an ordinance on Friday for transfer-posting of Delhi officials. Through this ordinance, the Center has given the powers of transfer and posting to the Lieutenant Governor.

Through this ordinance, the central government will set up the National Capital Civil Services Authority, which will do transfer-posting and vigilance work in Delhi. It will have three members, including the chief minister of Delhi, the chief secretary and the home secretary. This committee, headed by the Chief Minister, will decide the transfer and posting of officers on the basis of majority, but the final decision will be of the Lieutenant Governor.

It is believed that this step of the Center is like a reduction in the powers given to the Delhi government after the order of the Supreme Court. Till now the Chief Secretary and the Home Secretary are appointed through the Central Government. That is, in this way the Chief Minister will be in the minority in the authority. In this way, the right of transfer-posting will be with the Central Government only.

Contempt of Supreme Court’s order and also disrespect of the mandate

On the ordinance, the Delhi government says that the central government’s ordinance is directly in contempt of the order of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court had clearly said in its order that this elected government is supreme. The elected government has all the powers. Fearing the order of the Supreme Court, the central government has brought this ordinance. This ordinance has been brought to reduce the power of the Kejriwal government.

The Delhi government said that the Supreme Court had said that if the public has voted for Kejriwal, then Kejriwal should have the right to take all decisions. Despite this, the central government is saying through this ordinance that the person elected by the people of Delhi should not have the right to take decisions in favor of the people of Delhi. Along with contempt of the order of the Supreme Court, it is also an insult to the mandate of the people of Delhi.