Center has so far provided about 16 cr vaccines free of cost to the states and union territories

New Delhi: The Government of India is facing the Covid-19 epidemic with full conviction. Vaccination is the most important part of the 5-point strategy of the Government of India in relation to Kovid. The other four points include test, track, treat and covid appropriate behavior.

From May 1, 2021, the third phase of Covid-19 vaccination will be implemented across the country in a more effective and liberal format. Under this phase, the registration process for people of the age group who have been made eligible for vaccination is starting from today (April 28, 2021) at 4 pm. Beneficiaries can self-register for vaccination on the Kovin portal ( or the Arogya Setu App.

The Government of India has so far provided about 16 crore (15,95,96,140) doses of anti-Covid vaccine free of cost to the States / UTs. Out of this, 14,89,76,248 dosages have been used including waste.

States / UTs currently have more than one crore (1,06,19,892) doses of anti-Covid vaccine to be used.

More than 57 lakh (57,70,000) additional doses will be made available to the States and Union Territories in the next 3 days.

Recently some media officials of the Maharashtra State Government were reported in the media that vaccines have been eliminated in the state, which is adversely affecting the vaccination campaign. It has been clarified that 1,58,62,470 vaccines have been made available to Maharashtra till 8 am on April 28, 2021. Of this, 1,53,56,151 vaccines have been applied to the beneficiaries including (0.22%) wastage of vaccines. Maharashtra still has 5,06,319 doses of the vaccine to be administered to eligible people.

Apart from this, the state is to be given 5,00,000 doses of anti-Covid vaccines in the next 3 days.