Center releases guidelines, cinema hall and swimming pool open in UNLOCK 5.0

New Delhi: Amidst the corona crisis epidemic, the central government has announced new guidelines for unlock 5.0. Unlock 5.0 will be effective from October 1, and detailed guidelines are given for this. Despite the huge increase in the number of corona cases in the country, the Ministry of Home Affairs has made it clear that there will be more exemptions and fewer restrictions. However, in some states, local administration may introduce voluntary curfews and local lockdowns.

Unlock 5.0 guidelines

Cinema / theater / multiplex will be allowed to open up to 50 percent of their seating capacity, for which SOP will be issued by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

Business to Business (B2B) exhibitions will be allowed to open, for which SOP will be issued by the Department of Commerce.

The swimming pool being used for the training of players will be allowed to open, for which the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) will be issued by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports (MoYA & S).

Amusement parks and such places will be allowed to open, for which the SOP will be issued by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW).

Schools, colleges, educational institutions and coaching institutes

For reopening of schools and coaching institutes, the State / UT Governments have been allowed to take decisions after October 15, 2020 in a hierarchical manner. Based on the evaluation of the situation, the decision will be taken in consultation with the concerned school / institute management and subject to the following conditions:

Online and distance education will continue to be the preferred method of teaching and will be encouraged.

Where schools are conducting online classes, and some students prefer to attend online classes instead of going to school physically, they may be allowed to do so.

Students will be able to go to schools and institutes only with the written consent of parents.

Schools and institutions cannot force students to attend. This will be entirely dependent on the consent of the parents.

Local requirements to states / UTs regarding health / safety precautions to reopen schools / institutions based on SOP to be issued by Ministry of Education, Department of School / Education and Literacy (DoSEL), Government of India Will be opened keeping it.

Schools that are allowed to open must compulsorily follow the SOP to be issued by the education departments of the states / UTs.

The Department of Higher Education (DHE), based on the assessment of the Ministry of Education, may decide on the timing of opening of colleges / higher education institutions in consultation with the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). Online / distance learning will continue to be the preferred method of learning and will be encouraged.

Many religious festivals including Durga Puja are expected to be celebrated in October. The first phase of Bihar Assembly Election 2020 is scheduled on 28 October. The center can modify its order to mobilize more and more people in one place.

Unlocking in a phased manner began in June with only a few essential activities, starting outside the maintenance zone. In the last four months, offices, public transport, including metro, domestic flights, religious places, restaurants, hotels, gyms, schools and colleges. Permission has been given to resume these activities, although this would be under the jurisdiction of the State Governments.

Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra have extended the lockout period till 31 October.

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