Construction of Ashram-DND Extension flyover will be completed by February

Delhi Deputy CM Manish Sisodia, after inspecting the progress of works, said that the Ashram flyover, which was closed for 45 days since January due to the construction work of the Ashram-DND Extension flyover, will not be reopened on February 15. The construction is largely complete and it will open by the end of the month, he added.

Due to the construction work, the effect of the closure of Delhi’s busiest flyover Ashram flyover is being seen continuously on the traffic. In many other places including Ring Road, continuous traffic jam is being seen in the morning. In the evening, there is a long queue of vehicles, due to which people are stuck in jam for hours.

Due to the construction of Ashram-DND Extension flyover, the existing Ashram flyover has been closed, and the next one towards Maharani Bagh has been demolished. It is being connected by the newly constructed Ashram-DND Extension flyover.

Passengers will have to wait for a few more days for this flyover to start. Ashram-DND Extension flyover is being constructed to make traffic smooth and jam-free between Ashram and Noida. This flyover will be of 6 lanes and will get rid of traffic jam.

The Ashram-DND Extension flyover construction project was approved by the Delhi Cabinet in December 2019, following which the construction work began in June 2020. However, the construction work was suspended due to the lockdown imposed due to corona and pollution.

Its construction has been delayed due to the ban on construction and demolition in Delhi. Now the construction of this flyover is in the final stage and it is expected that its construction will be completed by the end of February.