Corona Update: 1.65 crore doses of vaccine was allocated to States/Union Territories

New Delhi: The country is all set for a massive Covid-19 vaccination campaign starting from 16 January 2021. The entire initial purchase amount of 1.65 crore doses of Covishield and Covaxin vaccines against Covid-19 has been allocated to all states/union territories in proportion to the database of health care workers.

Therefore, there is no question of discriminating against any state in the allocation of vaccination doses. This is an initial supply of vaccine doses and will be replenished continuously over the coming week. Therefore, any apprehension being expressed about the short supply of vaccines is completely baseless and baseless.

States have been advised to organize their vaccination sessions keeping in view the 10 percent reserve/wastage dose and an average of 100 vaccinations per day/session. Therefore, states are advised not to make any haste on their part to conduct a large number of vaccinations per site per day.

States and Union Territories have also been advised to increase the number of vaccination session sites. As the vaccination process stabilizes and progresses, then these vaccination session sites will be progressively circulated daily.

The current trend of declining daily new cases in the country continues. Less than 20,000 daily new cases of Covid have been reported in India for the past 7 days.

During the last 24 hours, 16,946 persons have been found infected with Covid in the country. During this period, 17,652 new patients have been cured. This has ensured a drop of 904 cases in the number of active cases.

There has also been a significant decline in the number of daily deaths from Corona in the country. For the past 20 days, less than 300 deaths have been reported daily.

Today, the country’s case fatality rate is 1.44 percent. The death rate in 22 states/union territories has been lower than the national average.

The number of active cases in the country has increased to 2,13,603. The share of active cases in total infected cases has come down to only 2.03 percent. Less than 5,000 active cases have been reported in 25 states/union territories.

Today, the total number of patients recovering from corona in India has increased to 10,146,763 and the recovery rate has also increased to 96.52 percent. 82.67 percent of the new cases are related to 10 States / Union Territories.

Kerala has the highest number of patients cured in a single day. In the state, 5,158 new patients have been cured in the last 24 hours. In Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh, the number of new patients recovering yesterday is 3,009 and 930 respectively.

76.45 percent of new cases are related to 7 states/union territories.

In Kerala, the order of the maximum number of people being infected in a day continues. 6,004 new cases have been detected in the state yesterday. 3,556 and 746 new cases have been registered in Maharashtra and Karnataka respectively.

There have been 198 death cases in the last 24 hours.

New cases of 75.76 percent of deaths are from 6 states/union territories. Maharashtra has the highest number of deaths (70) in a single day. While 26 and 18 patients have died in Kerala and West Bengal respectively.

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