Corona Update: 1 million vaccine doses were given in India in just 6 days

New Delhi: In India, 1 million vaccine doses were given within just 6 days. This number is higher than countries like the United States and Britain. Britain took 18 days to reach this figure while the US took 10 days to reach the 1 million mark. Under the successful ‘test-track-treat-test-technology’ strategy, there is a steady decline in new cases in India every day and there is a continuous decline in active cases.

India’s active cases today are 1,84,408. The share of active cases in total positive cases has further reduced to 1.73 per cent.

During the last 24 hours, 15,948 patients have been cured, a net decline of 1,254 cases has been reported in total active cases in the last 24 hours.

Five states – Kerala, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal – account for 75% of the country’s total active cases.

The figure below shows the change in the number of active cases of the top 10 states / UTs in the previous month.

As of 8 am on January 24, 2021, about 16 lakh (15,82,201) beneficiaries have received Covid 19 vaccination.

In the last 24 hours, 2 lakh (1,91,609) people were vaccinated in about 3,512 sessions. So far, 27,920 sessions have been held.

The total number of health cases is 10,316,786, due to which the rate of recovery has reached 96.83% and it is continuously increasing.

10 States / Union Territories contribute 84.30 percent of the new cases to be rectified. The highest number of healthy people in a day is from Kerala where 5,283 patients have been cured. Maharashtra is followed by 3,694.

During the last 24 hours, 14,849 new cases of Covid 19 were reported.

Six states and union territories account for 80.67 percent of the new cases.

Kerala recorded the highest number of daily new cases of 6,960 during the last 24 hours. 2,697 new cases were registered in Maharashtra while a total of 902 new cases were registered in Karnataka.

During the last 24 hours, there have been 155 deaths and the contribution of seven states/union territories is 79.35 percent.

There were 56 deaths in Maharashtra. There are 23 and 10 new deaths in Kerala and Delhi respectively.