Corona Update: 2,64,202 new cases were reported in the last 24 hours

New Delhi: With the delivery of more than 73 lakh (73,08,669) doses of vaccine in the last 24 hours, India’s Kovid-19 vaccination coverage till 7 am today, according to the last report 155.39 crores. (1,55,39,81,819) was exceeded. This achievement has been achieved through 1,66,59,387 vaccination sessions.

With the recovery of 1,09,345 patients in the last 24 hours, the total number of patients who have recovered (since the start of the pandemic) has increased to 3,48,24,706.

As a result, the recovery rate in India is 95.20 percent.

In the last 24 hours, 2,64,202 new patients have appeared.

At present, there are 12,72,073 active patients. Currently, these active cases constitute 3.48 percent of the total confirmed patients in the country.

The expansion of testing capacity across the country is going on continuously. A total of 17,87,457 tests have been conducted in the last 24 hours. India has so far conducted a total of 69.90 crores (69,90,99,084) investigations.

Testing capacity has been increased across the country, the rate of weekly confirmed cases is 11.83 percent, the rate of daily confirmed cases is 14.78 percent.

More than 155.39 crore vaccines have been administered so far under Nationwide Covid Vaccination.

The number of active patients in India is 12,72,073

The rate of active cases is 3.48 percent

The current rate of recovery is 95.20 percent

In the last twenty-four hours, 1,09,345 people have become healthy, the total number of people who have recovered so far is 3,48,24,706.

2,64,202 new cases were reported in the last 24 hours

So far 5,753 Omicron cases have been reported, an increase of 4.83 percent compared to yesterday

The rate of daily active cases stands at 14.78 percent

The weekly active cases rate is 11.83 percent

69.90 crore investigations have been done so far, 17,87,457 investigations have been done in the last 24 hours