Corona Update: 536 new cases a day in Delhi, highest after January 1

New Delhi: In the last 24 hours, there have been more than 500 fresh Covid-19 cases, 3 deaths and 319 recoveries in Delhi. With 536 cases, the national capital has the highest daily count seen since 1 January. With this, the number of active cases has now reached 2,702, which is the highest since January 15. So far 10,948 people have died in Delhi from Corona.

After 536 new cases on Wednesday, the number of active patients in Delhi has also increased to 2702. With this, the total corona patients in Delhi have risen to 6,45,025. Of these, 6,31,375 patients have recovered from the corona.

At the same time, the death rate from Corona in Delhi has reached 1.70 percent with 10,948 deaths. According to the department, out of more than two thousand active patients of Corona in Delhi, 725 patients are admitted in various hospitals of Delhi. At the same time, 338 patients are admitted in Covid Care Center and 1438 in Home Isolation.

There were 80,856 investigations of Corona on Wednesday in Delhi. Of these, 0.66 percent patients were found to be infected with corona. There were 50,216 tests on RTPCR mode and 30,640 tests of rapid antigens on Wednesday. So far, 1,35,09,270 tests have been conducted to test the corona in Delhi. The number of hotspots has once again increased to 608 amidst increasing cases in Delhi.

Prime Minister Modi held a virtual meeting with all the Chief Ministers on Wednesday, with the rise in other matters in the states, particularly in Maharashtra, Punjab and Karnataka. “We have to stop the second wave of corona virus immediately, and we have to take quick and decisive steps,” he said during the meeting.

(With agency inputs)

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