Corona Update: Continuous decline in the number of active cases of Corona

New Delhi: The total number of active Corona cases in India has gone down from 4.10 lakh (4,09,689) today. This is the lowest recorded since 136 days. The total number of active patients as on 22 July 2020 was 4,11,133.

This has been possible only due to early treatment and recovery of new patients, due to which the number of active cases continues to decline. India’s current active caseload accounts for only 4.26 percent of the country’s total Covid cases. The total number of active cases has fallen by 6,393 as new patients get immediate recovery, the number of patients recovered in the country has been more than daily cases for the last eight days. In the last 24 hours, 36,652 new patients have been confirmed. While 42,533 patients recovered after treatment in the last 24 hours and were discharged.

The rate of recovery from corona in the country has also continued to increase. Today it has reached 94.28 percent.

The total number of cured patients is 9,058,822. The difference between healthy people and active cases of Covid is around 86.50 lakh and currently stands at 8,649,133.

Of the newly recovered cases, 78.06 percent are from 10 states and union territories.

In Maharashtra, maximum 6,776 patients have recovered from Kovid in the last one day. In Kerala, 5,496 people have recovered from the disease and 4,862 patients in Delhi recovered from Corona after that.

76.90 percent of the newly infected cases of Corona virus are from 10 states and union territories.