Corona Update: Coverage of Covid-19 vaccination in India crosses 39 crores

New Delhi: According to the provisional report received till 7 am today, the total vaccination coverage in India has crossed 39 crores today. A total of 39,13,40,491 doses of the vaccine were administered through a total of 49,41,567 sessions. A total of 34,97,058 doses were administered during the last 24 hours. The new chapter of COVID-19 vaccination for all began on June 21, 2021. The Central Government is committed to increasing the coverage of Kovid-19 vaccination across the country and speed up the process.

Of the people infected since the beginning of the pandemic, 3,01,43,850 have already recovered from COVID-19, and 39,130 ​​have recovered in the last 24 hours. The recovery rate from this quote is 97.28 percent, in which the trend of increasing continuously is maintained.

During the last 24 hours, 41,806 daily new cases were reported in India.

For 18 consecutive days, less than 50 thousand daily cases are coming. This is the result of the concerted and sustained efforts of the Center and the States/UTs.

The number of active cases in India has been recorded at 4,32,041, which is now 1.39 percent of the total positive cases in the country.

The testing capacity in the country is being continuously increased, due to which a total of 19,43,488 tests were conducted in the country during the last 24 hours. Basically, India has conducted more than 43.80 crores (43,80,11,958) tests so far.

On the one hand, the testing capacity was increased across the country, while on the other hand the weekly positivity rate also registered a steady decline. At present, the weekly positivity rate is 2.21 percent, while today the daily positivity rate is 2.15 percent. The daily positivity rate has remained below three percent for 24 consecutive days and below five percent for 38 consecutive days.

Latest information on Covid-19

Under the nationwide vaccination campaign, 39.13 crore doses of vaccine have been administered so far.

So far, a total of 3,01,43,850 patients have become healthy across the country.

The recovery rate increased to 97.28 percent.

During the last 24 hours, 39,130 ​​patients were cured.

In the last 24 hours, 41,806 new cases have been reported in India.

Active cases in India currently stand at 4,32,041.

Active cases constitute 1.39 percent of the total cases.

The weekly positivity rate remains below 5%, currently at 2.21 percent

Daily positivity rate 2.15 percent, less than 3 percent for 24th consecutive day

There has been a significant increase in testing capacity – a total of 43.80 crore samples have been tested.