Corona Update: India achieved a significant milestone, Corona’s recovery rate crosses 96%

New Delhi: India has achieved another important achievement in its battle against Covid-19. The recovery rate of patients today surpassed the national level of 96 percent (96.04 percent), one of the highest recovery rates achieved by any country in the world. Recovery rates have improved as patients have recovered.

The total number of cases cured has crossed 98.6 lakh (98,60,280), which is the highest in the world. The difference between active cases and cured patients is increasing and has come to 96,02,624.

Another achievement is that the number of active cases has fallen drastically and has come down to 2.57 lakh. The total positive cases in the country are 2,57,656, which is just 2.51 percent of the total cases.

There is also a substantial decline in mortality due to the large number of covid patients recovering daily and the trend of active cases in India is on the decline. In the last 24 hours, 21,822 new confirmed cases have been registered across the country, while 26,139 corrected new cases have been registered. Thus, a total decline of 4,616 cases of active cases has been reported.

77.99 percent of cases of newly cured patients have been found in 10 states/union territories.

While Kerala has recorded the highest number of corrections in a single day, 5,707 cases, Maharashtra has recorded 4,913 cases, and Chhattisgarh 1,588.

Out of the new cases, 79.87 percent of cases have been reported in 10 states and union territories.

Kerala has the highest number of 6,268 new cases reported every day. This is followed by Maharashtra, where 3,537 new cases are reported daily.

In the last 24 hours, 299 deaths have been reported.

Out of these, 80.60 percent of deaths have occurred in 10 states/union territories.

Maharashtra has recorded the highest number of deaths in 90 cases in a single day. In both Kerala and West Bengal, 28 deaths have been recorded in a single day.

A consortium of 10 government laboratories-INSACOC has so far detected a total of 25 cases of new mutant viruses from the UK after genome sequencing. Four new cases have been detected by NIV at Pune and one new case has been sequenced by Delhi-based IGIB. All 25 people are kept in isolation at health care centers.