Corona’s new ‘strain’ more deadly than before? It may infect children more easily

New Delhi: When the world began to think that with the Coronavirus vaccine, the epidemic situation could come under control. At the same time, the new form of coronavirus ‘strain’ once again surprised the world. The UK government recently announced that they were getting a ‘highly contagious new form of the virus’ in England. Citing the rapid spread in London and surrounding areas, Prime Minister Boris Johnson imposed the country’s most stringent lockdown.

It is also time for India to be wary of the new coronavirus ‘strain’ from Britain as the new strain of coronavirus which infects the UK and European countries have also reached India. In addition to Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, and Meerut in UP, about 20 infected patients with the new coronavirus have been found in the United Kingdom.

Let me tell you that a 2-year-old girl who returned from London in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, has also been found infected with a new strain of coronavirus. While the child’s parents were not found to be infected with the coronavirus. At the same time, after a child has been infected with the new strain of coronavirus, it is being feared that the new form of corona may not prove to be more dangerous for the strains. By the way, in view of the threat of new strains of Coronavirus, the Indian government has also stepped up its preparations.

However, the new strain of corona is believed to be more contagious but less dangerous. Just as a two-year-old child has become a victim of Corona’s new strain, there has also been an increased fear of whether the new virus strain can rapidly infect young children.

Currently, research is going on regarding the new strain of Corona. Only after that, you will know how heavy the new corona is on the innocent. Currently, after the incident of Meerut, it is being said to take more precautions regarding the corona infection among the innocent.

The knocking of new strains of coronavirus in India has once again increased the tension. Patients returning from the UK who have been found infected with mutants, ie, the altered coronavirus, have been kept in isolation. At the same time, those who came in contact with them have also been quarantined and they are being monitored.

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