COVID-19: Central Government Prohibits Export of Remdesivir Injection

New Delhi: In a major judgment, the Center on Sunday immediately banned Remdesivir injection and export of its active drug ingredients (APIs) until epidemic conditions arising from the rapid spread of coronovirus in the country. This decision has been taken to ensure easy access of Remedisvir to infected patients and hospitals providing treatment against the virus.

Many hospitals have complained of a lack of remediesvir, considered an important anti-viral drug in the fight against Covid-19, especially in adult patients with serious complications. In some places, opposition to the lack of medicine is being seen for the last few days. There have also been cases of drug hoarding and black marketing.

The government has taken some other steps to bring the situation under control, including displaying all domestic manufacturers of Remedisvir on its website, informing its stockists and distributors how to use the drug.

The Drugs Inspector and other officials have been directed to verify the stock and check their malfunctions and other effective steps have been taken to curb hoarding and black marketing. The state health secretaries have been tasked to review the matter with the concerned drug inspectors.

As the demand for Remedisvir injection is expected to increase further in the coming days, the pharmaceutical department is in touch with domestic manufacturers of the drug to start its production.

(With agency inputs)