Covid-19: Preparation of Corona vaccination started, which state will get what?

New Delhi: Corona virus cases are continuously increasing in India, although recovery is also happening very fast. In such a situation, good news is coming for the countrymen waiting for the corona vaccine.

The government has started preparing for the vaccination program. States that are over 50 years old and suffering from other diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure are expected to get more vaccine doses (in addition to healthcare workers, essential workers and police and security forces).

However, Tamil Nadu may receive a higher dose of vaccine than Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, despite having less population. Bihar’s estimated 12.3 million population is about 60 percent larger than Tamil Nadu’s 7.6 crore. Only 1.8 crore people in Bihar are 50 years and above while in Tamil Nadu the number is 20 million.

States with a young population like Bihar have a lower proportion of people suffering from other diseases. On the other hand, about 30 percent of the population in Kerala – about one crore people are over 50 years of age and are feared to be suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure. This is why most citizens of the state fall in the priority category.

The government is preparing to vaccinate about 19.5 percent of the people in the over 50 age group. This means that in addition to one crore health workers and 40 million diabetic patients in the age group of about 50 years, there will be about 26.5 crore people. Therefore, states with older populations will be given priority in the distribution of covid vaccines.

However, Uttar Pradesh, where only 15 percent of the people are above 50 years of age, will be given the largest share of the vaccine as the state has a large population. This is followed by Maharashtra, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu, where the number of people over 50 is more. However, Kerala ranks first in the state with the highest population requiring vaccination.