Cricket Stadium: Here’s The world’s largest cricket stadium taking shape in Motera, Ahmedabad

The world’s largest cricket stadium, with space for 110,000 spectators, is taking shape in India and is likely to host its first international match on 24th Feb 2021, the 3rd Test Match between India and England will play in Motera with pink-ball. Ahmedabad’s new stadium, costing around $ 100 million, will seat more fans than Australia’s Melbourne Cricket Ground, which can accommodate around 100,000 spectators.

According to the news, its first match will be hosted at Sardar Patel Stadium in March as the opening match of an exhibition game between Asia XI and World XI. The stadium will have more than 70 corporate boxes, four dressing rooms, a clubhouse, and an Olympic-sized swimming pool. Its construction started in January 2017. The world’s largest cricket stadium will be inaugurated by the BCCI in Ahmedabad, with plans to schedule Asia XI vs World XI in March 2020.

Apart from being the world’s largest, there will be three different types of pitches at the Sardar Patel Gujarat Stadium in Motera near Ahmedabad. They will perform bouncy, spin-friendly, or a mix of both to suit the need of fast bowlers and spinners.

The Gujarat Cricket Association (GCA), which is executing the project, is preparing 11 pitches.

It will overtake Eden Gardens in Kolkata, currently India’s largest stadium with a capacity of 66,000 – down from 100,000 after a major reconstruction project. India is the world’s top-ranked Test team with more than a dozen stadiums capable of hosting international cricket matches. Test matches, however, often attract sparse crowds.

On 24th Feb 2021, the 3rd Test Match between India and England will play in Motera stadium with pink-ball, It is day-night match.

Motera is eagerly waiting to host his first international match with India and England, which will be the world’s largest stadium. The stadium was constructed in 1982 and is situated on the banks of the Sabarmati River in Gujarat. In October 2015, the state government decided to redevelop the program with the aim of becoming the largest cricket stadium by capacity.

BCCI and cricketers from both teams have been sharing images and videos on their social media platforms, giving fans a glimpse of the Sardar Patel Stadium. Prior to the renovation, it had capacity to host 49,000 fans as it more than doubled as it surpassed the historic Melbourne Cricket Ground which can accommodate up to 90,000 spectators at one time. As teams, players and some lucky fans gear up to watch this action from Wednesday (February 24), here is a quick look at everything you need to know about that event.