Delhi-Jaipur-Ajmer Vande Bharat Express will take 1.45 hours at a speed of 150 kmph

Jaipur-Delhi Vande Bharat Express will start from April. On Wednesday, the Railways released its route map. Between Delhi and Jaipur, Vande Bharat train will stop at 3 stations – Gurgaon, Rewari and Alwar.

Its trial speed in the first week will be 72 km per hour. If all goes well, the speed of the train will be increased to 150 km per hour. The trial run of the Delhi-Jaipur Vande Bharat train will start from March 25.

This train will run between Delhi to Alwar only for six days. It will run all day except Wednesday.

The train will leave Delhi at 6:10 pm and reach Gurgaon station at 6.45 pm and Rewari Junction at 7.35 pm. It will reach Alwar at 8.25 pm and Jaipur at 10.20 pm. It will reach Ajmer at 12.15 hrs. This means it will cover the distance of 442 km in six hours and five minutes.

During the trial, it will take 4 hours to reach Jaipur from Delhi. However, when the speed of the train is increased to 150 kmph, it will take just 1.45 hours to reach the Rajasthan capital.

They have also prepared the menu of the train. There will be Onion Kachori, Jodhpuri Pulao, Dal-Bati etc. However, passengers will have to pay extra for food. The cost of food has not been decided yet.

The route of the Delhi-Jaipur Vande Bharat train has been redesigned. This is because the power lines on this route were excessively high due to double decker trains.

Vande Bharat trains will have 16 passenger cars in which 1,196 passengers can travel. A coach will have 78 seats.

The fare has not been released yet. Although it is expected that the cost of the train will be Rs.800. The ticket price for the executive car will be Rs 1,800.