Delhi-Meerut Rapid Rail: RRTS completes run between Duhai Depot-Ghaziabad

India’s first rapid regional train recently did a run between Duhai Depot and Ghaziabad. 25 kms trialled as OHE wire was connected, charging at 25kb capacity. However, NCRTC says that this cannot be called a trial run. Trial run will be duly done soon.

NCRTC spokesperson Puneet Vats told the news agency that before the trial run, OHE wire, track, telecom, signalling, rolling stock etc. are checked separately. In this sequence, the Rapid Rail has been charged at 25 KV capacity. After which these trains were seen running from Duhai depot towards Ghaziabad.

For the first time, the train has been taken out from Duhai depot for electrical testing. It was a unique and first time experience for all the engineers, technicians, technicians and staff. This test was successful.

The train was taken from Duhai station to Guldhar station, in which its speed was 5 km per hour. After the successful trial of OHE, the train was extended from Guldhar station to Ghaziabad station.

During this time the RRTS was operated manually by the operator under Train Control Management System (TCMS). While bringing back from Ghaziabad to Duhai depot, the speed of the train was 25 km per hour.