Delhi-Meerut RapidX: Construction of Sahibabad RRTS station completed

The construction of the priority section of the Delhi-Meerut Rapid Rail Transit System is nearing completion. As part of making RapidX ready for operations, NCRTCC is completing the work of stations on the 17 km long priority section of the Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut corridor. Moving in this direction, the organization has completed the work of Sahibabad Rapidex station. Moreover, the station is expected to be operational soon. According to the organization, the work of priority section will be completed before the scheduled time.

Ahead of the inauguration of the first section of RRTS, NCRTC has released the pictures of Sahibabad Rapidx station. The images show the design of the station inspired by the spectrum of peacock feathers. It has shades of blue and beige with a curved roof that gives it a distinctive look.

In addition, a foot-over-bridge has been added at the station for the convenience of passengers. It also serves as a part of the government’s plan to integrate various transport systems with RRTS stations.

Some other special features of the stations include glass lifts, platform screen doors, availability of drinking water, washrooms, special arrangements for the movement of visually impaired and dedicated touch paths for the shortest route between major areas of the station.

Adding to the station’s amenities, each RapidX train service will have a dedicated train attendant who will assist passengers with onboard amenities and ensure their safe journey. According to him, a train operator will operate the vehicle, and there will always be a train attendant on board to assist the passengers.

According to the National Capital Region Transport Corporation (NCRTC), attendants will be posted in first class coaches and will inform passengers about all relevant travel-related information. By 2025, the NCRTC hopes to open the entire Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut corridor to the general public.