Delhi Shivering: Cold wave hit Delhi, will continue for another 2 days

New Delhi: The effect of continuous snowfall in the mountains is clearly visible in the cities of Delhi-NCR. People of Delhi-NCR are facing severe cold at this time. According to the Meteorological Department, people are not expected to get relief from this cold weather for 2 more days. Today, the maximum temperature in Delhi is predicted to be 18 degrees and the minimum temperature is 3.7 degrees.

According to the Meteorological Department, the minimum temperature in Delhi on Wednesday was 5.8 degrees Celsius, 3 degrees below normal and the maximum temperature was 18.6 degrees Celsius, 4 degrees below normal. There was a thick fog yesterday morning. This reduced visibility in some areas to 100 meters. Cold wave is expected for the next two days. In this case, the temperature is expected to increase from December 19.

However, Suryadev was seen in the afternoon and it turned out to be good sunlight, but in the face of icy winds, this sunshine also remained neutral. Despite wearing warm clothes, people appeared to be choking. According to the Meteorological Department, the maximum temperature on Tuesday was 18.4 and the minimum temperature was 4.1 degree Celsius, which was the coldest day of this season. There will be such cold on Thursday-Friday also. Possibility of maximum temperature 18 and minimum temperature 5 ° C. Temperature will improve slightly from Saturday. During this period, the maximum temperature is expected to be 21-22 and the minimum temperature will be 6-8 degree Celsius.

Minimum temperature as well as maximum temperature also declined. The Meteorological Department says that due to western disturbances, heavy snowfall is occurring in the western Himalayan region. Due to this, cold winds are blowing in the plains. Due to this, the next 2 days in Delhi are going to be extremely cold and people will not get relief from the cold wave.