Delhi-Varanasi Bullet Train To Make 18 Trips Daily

Delhi-Varanasi high-speed rail corridor is India’s second bullet train project after the Mumbai-Ahmedabad corridor. The 958-kilometer high-speed rail corridor will run via 12 stations between Varanasi and Delhi, with a 123-kilometer spur linking Lucknow and Ayodhya. The work on this project is going on in full swing.

Apart from the survey, the route feasibility test for the project has also been nearly done. The construction of stations for the bullet train’s stoppage between Delhi and Varanasi is now underway. As per the reports, elevated tracks will be constructed on the Delhi-Varanasi bullet train route to ensure safety. There is a plan to construct underground stations in several areas. For the bullet train, separate tracks will be laid and special stations will be built. There is a plan to connect Ayodhya and Agra with a high-speed rail network too.

There will be an exponential increase in passengers’ movement when the Jewar International Aiport opens. To facilitate the movement of the passengers, there is a plan to build a bullet train station near Jewar. The bullet train route between Delhi and Varanasi will have a total of 12 stations, according to reports.

The bullet train will make 18 trips each day between Delhi and Varanasi. There will be 63 trips between Delhi and Agra, 43 to Lucknow, and 11 between Delhi and Ayodhya.

The cost of this high-speed rail project, according to reports, will be over Rs 2.3 lakh crore. The bullet train’s route chart has been drawn up in such a way that key pilgrimage sites of Uttar Pradesh are included.

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