Dharma Sansad: Haridwar event echoes hate on the name of Hindu Religion!

You don’t need Muslims to harm Hinduism. Narrow-minded Hindus are capable of tarnishing their own religion.

Hindutva is passing through a phase of metamorphosis. New Hindus are being born from “Dharam Sansad”. The new lot is different from the old ones who were assimilating, generous, and believed in coexistence. The newbies don’t mind burying their teeth and spitting poison in others’ bodies. It seems that the media is promoting his message while the government and politicians are also ignoring it. The new Hindus who are spearheading Hindutva 2.0 are dangerous and fearless of consequences. It sounds right to you or not, but it is so.

Recently a Dharma Sansad was organized by the priest of Dasna Devi Temple in Ghaziabad, Yeti Narasimhanand. It was held over three days from 17–19 December 2021. Almost all the speakers were Saffron Hindu Ascetic. Many of them were also from Akadon.

The theme of the conference was quite interesting, “Future of Sanatan Dharma in Islamic India”. There is so much about the subject to understand which tells a lot about the mindset of the organizers themselves and the attendees.

From the beginning, they believed that India is an Islamic nation; Even the RSS and the BJP will have a problem accepting it. Certainly, this is detrimental to the credibility of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is often referred to as a Right-Wing Hindu sympathizer. Now, however, the right-wing extremists themselves are denying this. India is an Islamic nation headed by Prime Minister Modi. Forget about a Hindu Rashtra; According to him, it is not even secular.

It is worth noting that over the years, pseudo-secular, urban Naxalites, “tukde-tukde” people hold the prime minister responsible as a Hindu fundamentalist. But, if seen, this Dharma Sansad was more against the BJP and Prime Minister Modi than the Muslims. They believe that Hindus have no future in India and therefore they should take up arms and kill any non-Hindus, especially Muslims, so that a pure Hindu Rashtra, only Hindu Rashtra can emerge. Those who do not believe in democracy called their event ‘Dharma Sansad’ – the religious parliament where there is no room for plurality.

The so-called defenders of Sanatan Dharma forget that Sanatan Dharma survived from Khilji, Tughlaq, Aurangzeb, who are generally known for their anti-Hindu policies. So what are the chances that it will not survive in a country ruled by an RSS-backed right-wing Hindu party? This is frivolity and nothing more!

Coming to Sanatan Dharma, let us clarify our facts. If anyone has worked tirelessly to destroy and stop it, he is a saint himself. If the great saints of Dharma Sansad had given some thought to explaining the meaning of Sanatan Dharma to the people, things would have been clear. Sanatana Dharma or Sanatana Dharma is the universal law of nature. It stresses the need for self-purification, abstaining from falsehood, violence, sexual misconduct, and stresses on the purity of mind and spirit.

Of course, it is highly recommended to read the Vedas and Upanishads to understand the divine command. Now how many Hindus have read Vedas and Upanishads, it is not a matter of understanding? Regarding purifying, the less said, the better. Giving shelter to the sick, hatred of malice, anger, worry, greed, is the curse of Sanatan Dharma. We are all partners in this crime in shedding the blood of Sanatan Dharma.

Haridwar is not the only place where the defenders of the faith have spoken. Suresh Chavhanke, head of a TV channel, on 19 December gave a call to “fight, die and kill” to make India a “Hindu Rashtra”. In Raipur, a saint Kalicharan abused Mahatma Gandhi.

Call it the obsession of Muslims or their concern to prove extremist credentials, they are only following the path of Islamic Jihad and doing what they did for their religion. Jihadists around the world have promoted Islam as a religion of hatred and vengeance. That’s why moderate Muslims, who are the majority, keep on explaining that Islam is a religion of peace and that it is all about forgiving and being kind. Think about it, some more so-called Parliament of Religions, we all must be explaining the same thing about Hinduism. Tough times are coming for liberal Hindus.

To bring it to the political main stage, they may call for genocide and governments may look the other way for the time being, but it will not go very far. The ruling party and its leaders are keen to gain recognition from the Western press. In the times of the internet, nothing remains a secret and this would put this image of him in serious trouble.

And for the man who has sworn to kill Muslims, don’t react to that. Jail is not the solution. Suresh Chavhanke is a good person, but that emotion may have been too much. Running a TV channel and fighting imaginary enemies took a toll on his mental health. It would be better if he takes a break and goes on a holiday, maybe go to Agra where he can visit the Taj Mahal (okay, Tejo Mahalya) to rest and also time to visit the world-famous facility for his mental check-up and recovery Can take out.

(This article previously appeared in The Pioneer. The author Dnyaneshwar Dayal is a columnist and documentary filmmaker. Views expressed are personal.)