Modi biggest contender for Nobel Peace: Asal Toje, leader Norwegian Nobel Committee

Asal Toje, deputy leader of the Nobel Prize Committee, said on Wednesday that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the biggest contender for the Nobel Peace Prize. Appreciating the governance of PM Modi, he said that due to the policy of PM Modi, India is becoming a prosperous and powerful country.

Describing India as a legacy of peace, Asal Toje said that India is bound to become a superpower. Furthermore, he said that PM Modi is the most trusted leader to stop the war and only he can establish peace.

He said that every leader of the world should work for peace and a powerful leader like Narendra Modi has more potential to do so.

Asle Toje is the deputy leader of the Norwegian Nobel Committee. This is the committee that decides the Nobel Peace Prize winner. The committee has come to India and in an interview with ABP News, Asal Toje said that PM Modi is one of the most credible faces of peace in the world.

Asal Toje also said that India plays an important role in stopping the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war.

PM Modi is such a leader who not only takes care of the upliftment of India and its economy but also contributes and participates in the affairs of the world.