Elvish Yadav’s parents burst into tears over his arrest in the snake poison case

Elvish Yadav’s arrest in snake venom case, has got his fans and followers worried. The Big Boss OTT 2 winner, has recently got arrested for suppling snake venom in the party in Noida. He has been sent to judicial custody for 14 days. Meanwhile, Elvish Yadav’s parents came out in front of media, after his detain and talked to the media in an interview.

Now, a new video of Elvish Yadav’s parents is getting viral, in which they can be seen devastated in tears, both of them are broke down, and in the recent video, his mother is reiterating that her son didn’t do anything wrong. His father also crying bitterly, and said, “If Maneka Gandhi is happy now after my son’s arrest, then please show mercy towards him”, also he is claiming that his son hasn’t did anything wrong. Elvish parents also revealed that they haven’t eat anything from the past three days.

The viral video of Elvish’s mother caught Ali Goni’s attention, which made him react to the video, to which he also posted “After seeing elvish’s mother cry in a video my heart . I hope she meets her son asap and I hope he stays out of all these controversies in future.