ESIC issues guidelines for giving disability benefits every month

New Delhi: Keeping in mind the Covid-19 epidemic, the Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) directed all sectors and sub-sector heads to provide permanent disability benefits and dependent benefits to the Insured Persons (IPs) and their dependents every month. – Instructions issued.

All regions and sub-sectors are continuously making monthly payments to the insured persons and their dependents for PCB and DB during the entire Covid-19 period. In addition, regular medical boards are operated to provide access to the reduction in the earning capacity of the insured.

A medical board was arranged at Model Hospital, Jaipur for 48 ESIC insured persons suffering from occupational diseases like Silicosis / Biosinosis working at Pindwada in Sirohi district, Rajasthan. Earlier, another medical board was also constituted to examine the insured persons suffering from occupational diseases. It is worth noting that all 48 insured persons were first tested Kovid-19 before operating the medical board. According to the decision of the Medical Board, 85 disabled persons were given permanent disability benefits, who were suffering from occupational diseases.

Dependent Benefit to the dependents of the six deceased insured persons, who died due to silicosis / biosinosis, has also started this month.

Apart from the above, 5 death cases due to injury during employment have also been approved on priority basis within a short period of one month and the decision to pay the dependent benefits to the family members of the deceased insured. Has been taken over by Jaipur.

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