European Council made a big statement on terrorist attack in France

New Delhi: Members of the European Council on Thursday strongly condemned the terrorist attack in France’s city of Nice in the strongest terms, calling it an attack on the shared values ​​of the European Union. Council members have issued a joint statement assuring France of all possible assistance. On Thursday, 3 people died in the attack on the city of Nice in France. It is being told that the attacker first shouted ‘Allah Hu Akbar’ and then beheaded a woman.

A joint statement by members of the European Council said, “We, the European leaders, are shocked and saddened by the terrorist attacks in France.” We strongly condemn these possible attacks, which represent attacks on our shared values. “In a joint statement, two women and one man died in the Nice-Dame Basilica after a knife attack and several on Thursday Others were injured. Police detained the attacker and launched an investigation. The southeastern French city of Avignon was attacked with a knife after the attack in Nice and another took place at the French consulate in Saudi Arabia.

Reacting to the attacks, members of the European Council said, “We stand with solidarity and solidarity with France in the fight against terrorism and violent extremism.”

Meanwhile, French President Emmanuel Macron has called on the countrymen to unite. He has said in his tweet, ‘Whatever be your religion, today we have to remain united in this hour of crisis. We are not to be influenced by divisive feelings’. He further wrote, ‘You have the support of the whole nation. Our country is our value. We give religious freedom to all and will continue to take steps to protect our people ‘.

Police officials did not disclose the name of the attacker, saying that the attack was possibly carried out by the attacker alone. So the police is not searching for other attackers. The mayor of Nicea Christian Astrosy said, “He (the attacker) kept shouting” Allah Hu Akbar “repeatedly even after being injured.” (With agency input)

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