Farmer Protest: The 11th round of the meeting failed, Govt asked to reconsider the proposal

New Delhi: The 11th round of talks between the central government and protesting farmers was held on Friday to resolve a nearly two-month-long deadlock over three controversial agricultural laws. However, no results were found in this meeting as well. The deadlock over three agricultural laws between farmers and governments persists.

No date has been set for the next meeting and the government has reportedly told the unions that all possible options have been given and now it is up to the opposing farmers to stop the acts for 12-18 months. Reconsider the proposal.

Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar told the farmer’s unions that the government was ready for another meeting. However, farmers are adamant about the proposal to suspend the laws. He also thanked the unions for cooperation, adding that even though there is no problem with the laws, the government offered to suspend them in honor of the farmers.

He told the farmers through the media, “If you reach a decision, inform us. We will discuss it again. “However, the Agriculture Minister also said that no date for the next meeting has been set.

On the other hand, farmers are adamant on their demand. After the 11th round of talks with the government, the farmer leader said that we have not accepted the proposal that was made by the government. The government did not accept the withdrawal of agricultural laws.

Before the 11th round of meeting, farmer leader Rakesh Tikait told the media that the way is with the government. This problem will be solved when the government wants to. The farmers have no problem with the talks. Regarding the 26 January parade, Tikait said, the government has not said anything about 26 January, there are no talks with the police even today. Tikait once again reiterated that we will definitely take a tractor rally on the ring road.