Farmers protest: Canada-based Khalistani organization blamed for organizing Twitter toolkit

NEW DELHI: Preliminary investigation into the source of the PowerPoint toolkit that celebrity environmental activist Greta Thunberg mistakenly tweeted that it was put together by the pro-Khalistan organization in Canada.

Senior government sources said that the kit, which aims to harm India’s interests, was a self-proclaimed Khalistan supporter. Co-founded by Dhaliwal was produced by ‘Peace for Justice’, which is based in Vancouver, Canada.

The PowerPoint presentation broadened the list of actions targeted against India. Some of the major ones mentioned in the toolkit were “Yoga and the tea image in India in general disrupted”, “Global disruption of diaspora on 26 January” and “repeal of agricultural laws”. The post was removed by Thunberg but not before many people in India grabbed screenshots of his post which soon went viral.

“Documents incorrectly shared by Greta reveal how the tweets made by Rihanna and others were organic and part of a larger campaign to tarnish India. All such statements / tweets were shared in India and abroad. It is important to see by important people in the “planned and pre-scripted campaign,” a senior government official who insisted on remaining anonymous. He cited the investigation launched by the Delhi Police at the core of the toolkit, which the BJP slammed as a “schoolboy of chaos” on Thursday.

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Union minister VK Singh claimed in a Facebook post that Thunberg’s deleted tweet revealed the true design of an international conspiracy against India.

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“There is a need to investigate the parties who are pulling the strings of this evil machinery. The instructions were clearly set out as ‘how’, ‘when’ and ‘what’. Conspiracies would often be exposed on this scale.” , And eventually it was taken in a hurry. Singh said that along with other international celebrities suddenly became sensitive to farmers’ issues.

“The toolkit that Thunberg tweeted in support of the farmers’ protest was actually a school of anarchy. They (foreign personalities) have nothing to do with these laws, they just create chaos and trouble in the country. Want., ”BJP spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia said.

Toolkit, ‘Will you be part of the biggest protest in human history?’ On its cover as the title, there are taglines like ‘#AskIndiaWhy’ and ‘Global Farmers Strike – Eff Wave’. The lease on the page reads, “To stand against the failed democracy of India (at the behest of the fascist ruling party, RSS-BJP)” and “irregular corporations of the agricultural sector. “

If this was a mistake then Greta Thornberg should post a tweet with an apology to the Indian public and the democratically elected Indian government !!

An official said that the toolkit was also planned to carry forward the “Fatal India Campaign” even though the government has repealed the laws. “It shows what the whole campaign was like,” he said.

Campaigners suggested celebrating 26 January as “Global Action Day” with a unified, consistent message that could be easily replicated by the mainstream media and the general public. The message should be “evergreen”, so that they focus on opposition, but the law may be relevant.