A Farmer’s son of Maharashtra made a hydrogen-powered car, which runs 250 km for Rs 150

Mechanical engineer Herschel Nakkhane and his childhood friend of Vani, son of a farmer living in Yavatmal district of Maharashtra and his childhood friend of Wani have created a completely made in India electric car which is not only a luxurious body but a game changer invention.

According to the manufacturer, the home made vehicle is made to run 300 km for only Rs 150 fuel. The car has been made with the goal of making it a pollution free vehicle. It is worth mentioning that Harshal had built this vehicle with the help of his childhood friend Kunal Asutkar.

According to Herschel, the DIY vehicle uses hydrogen and is built with self-driving technology. Currently, this is only a prototype. According to Harshal, he paid Rs. 25 lakh of his savings on the vehicle. Presently Harshal provides internet services. His specific occupation is not known to us.

Herschel has submitted patent applications for both the hydrogen fueling system and the self-driving system. Additionally, he intends to put it into production. But once he has a stock of at least 100 vehicles, he intends to sell the vehicles. The price of the car should decrease with mass production. However, we don’t know exactly when we’ll be able to see the car on the roads.

The prototype car has all the bells and whistles, including a sunroof, scissor doors and autonomous driving. While not disclosing specific details of the car, the group is currently accepting reservations.

It should be noted that a while back, a hydrogen powered car Toyota Mirai was unveiled in India. It has been recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records to make it the greenest car in the world to drive 1359 km on a single tank. Herschel’s homemade car seems to be following in the footsteps of the Japanese sedan.