Farms Law: US supported agriculture laws, says move will improve efficiency of India’s markets

New Delhi: Farmer organizations across India are opposing the 3 agricultural laws of the central government. Even though the farmers’ organizations are rounding up the Modi government, the new government in the US has welcome the agricultural laws and said that they welcome the move of the Modi government, it will improve the efficiency of India’s markets and The private sector will attract more investment.

However, the US said about the peasant movement that we believe that peaceful protests are the hallmark of any thriving democracy and the Supreme Court of India has said the same.

Responding to a question on the farmers’ protests in India, the State Department said on Wednesday that the US encourages that any differences between the parties be resolved through dialogue.

Indicating that the new Biden administration supports the Indian government’s move to reform the agricultural sector which attracts private investment and access to more markets for farmers. A State Department spokesman said, “In general, the United States welcomes steps that will improve efficiency. India’s markets attract more and more private sector investment. “

In New Delhi, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on Wednesday issued a statement saying that India’s Parliament has passed a ‘reformist law’ for the agricultural sector, about which ‘a very small section of farmers’ is opposing it and So laws have been prevented from being implemented while negotiations continue.

Reacting to the peasant movements in protest against the ongoing agricultural laws in India, a US State Department spokesman said that Washington believes that peaceful protest is the hallmark of any thriving democracy. It also stated that differences between the parties should be resolved through dialogue.

Let us tell you that farmers have been protesting against agricultural laws on the borders of Delhi since 26 November. At the same time, violence also took place in Delhi during Kisan Tractor rally on the occasion of Republic Day on 26 January. Significantly, there have been 11 rounds of negotiations between the farmers and the government on the agreement on the agricultural law, but all remained fruitless. During the 11th round of talks with the protesting farmers on 22 January, the government proposed to suspend the new laws for a year and a half and also set up a joint committee to discuss the Acts. But the farmers’ organizations have not accepted the government’s proposal and they are adamant on repealing these agricultural laws.