First Hindu-American summit organized in US, Congressman plans to form ‘Hindu Caucus’

A group of Indian-Americans on Wednesday organized the first Hindu American Summit for political engagement at the US Capitol Hill.

Hindu community leaders from across the country gathered at the US Capitol for the summit organized by Americans4Hindus and supported by 20 other organizations.

Dr. Romesh Japra, founder and president of American4Hindus, said that this was the first summit organized for political participation. He further claimed that Hindu Americans are being discriminated against in the US, which is why the expatriate group thought of bringing all the organizations together.

“This is the first ever summit that we are organizing for political engagement. We have done very well in every field but politically we are far behind. We feel that Hindu Americans are being discriminated against. So we thought it is a good idea to bring all the organizations together.”

He further said, “The purpose of this caucus is not only to ensure that there is no hatred against Hinduism, to ensure that there is no bigotry and no discrimination against Hinduism and those who practice Hinduism. “

During the summit, Indian-American Congressman Mr. Thanedar announced plans to form a ‘Hindu Caucus’ in the US Congress, which would bring like-minded lawmakers under one umbrella to ensure that there is no violence against Hindus in the country. There is no hatred and bigotry.

“It is important that every person has the right to choose a religion, pray to the God he chooses without any persecution, without any discrimination, without hatred or for those who choose not to pray to God Can,” said Thanedar, who represents Michigan’s 13th district.

“These are freedoms that are fundamental. These are fundamental human rights,” he said.

Congressional caucuses are groups of members of the US Congress that meet to carry out common legislative purposes. Caucuses are formed as member organizations of Congress through the US House of Representatives and are governed under the chamber’s rules.

Thanedar said, “With this idea in mind, I am happy to work with Dr. (Ramesh) Japra, I am happy to work with American4Hindus to create a ‘Hindu Caucus’ in the United States Congress.” Americans gather at the Capitol Visitor Center here.

Community leaders commended Sho for taking the lead in creating the caucus, which would be open to members of both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.

Indian-Americans are now planning to reach out to their local representatives to join the caucus.

“Everyone is welcome. This is an inclusive caucus. This is a positive caucus, not a hate caucus. We are not against anyone. We are for all people and for improving the quality of life, opportunities for all. That is what we are going to focus on.

When asked how far the caucus has progressed, Thanedar said it is in the early stages and they are inviting all members of Congress to join.

US Congressman Rich McCormick, who attended the event, said, “Self-perceived Hindu Americans actually have the power to choose the next President of the United States of America.”