Follow these steps to free Gmail storage in a minutes, this is a step by step method

There are thousands of such users in India, who use different services of Google. One of these facilities is Gmail. We use Gmail exclusively for sending official mail. Google gives 15GB of free storage data to save files on its Drive, Gmail and more. When this storage gets full, you have to face a lot of problems. In such a situation, you can either buy a storage plan or delete the files to increase the storage. Today we will tell you how you can free up storage.

As we have mentioned that Google account users can use 15GB of free space to store data for emails, photos, files etc. When this space is filled with emails, photos and documents in some time, Google gives you two options, in which you can either buy more storage or free up storage.

Plans are available for storage

Under the storage option, Google has several plans for users who want more storage in the cloud. But the storage plans start at Rs 130 for 100GB with a monthly billing cycle. Hence, users will have to pay every month to use the storage.

Can free up storage

Here we are going to tell you some ways, with the help of which you can fill your Gmail storage. Let us know about these methods.

How to delete spam or unwanted email in one go

First of all open Gmail in any browser on your PC or mobile device.

Now go to the Inbox/Social/Spam folder or folders from which you want to delete the email.

Then click on the down arrow in the top left.

Now select the messages you want to delete or select all messages by clicking on the check box.

Now click on delete.

The message will be sent to the Trash folder.

How to remove unread messages from your inbox

First open Gmail in your browser.

Now go inside the category and select Unread Label or Read Label and press Enter. Gmail will show all your unread or read emails.

Now click on the ‘Select All’ box at the top of the message and then ‘Select all conversations matching this search’.

Now click on the icon found at the top to delete all your emails.

These are some of the ways you can delete your storage. Hope these methods prove helpful for you.