From January 15, 2021, prefix ’0’ to make call from a landline to mobile

New Delhi: In order to ensure that more numbers are distributed in future for fixed line and mobiles, the DoT has decided to implement the recommendations by the Department of Telecom, which is as follows:

For all fixed line mobile phones, it will be mandatory to put ‘0’ before the number from 15 January 2021. There will be no change in calling from landline to landline, mobile to landline and mobile to mobile.

An appropriate announcement will be made for this. This announcement will be heard when a user joins the mobile from the landline without putting a ‘0’.

All landline users will be provided with the facility to dial ‘0’. Due to these measures, about 2539 million number series can be created. This will help meet the demand for more numbers in the future.

Mobile subscribers will benefit in a big way by adding new numbers in the coming time, if enough space is created for new numbers.

For this new change, care has been taken that the users do not have any problem and create enough space for the new numbers.