Google Maps to Get New ‘Go’ Tab for Quick Access to Frequent Destinations

Google Maps will let you pin specific routes for public transit, Go tab will allow for pinning of multiple routes

Pinned routes can be accessed quickly for directions in Go tab
Google Maps is getting a new ‘Go’ tab to help users navigate easily to frequently visited places. This new tab will replace the Commute tab that currently sits between the Explore and the Saved tabs. Google Maps Go tab will let you pin your favourite destinations to quickly get information about these places. People will be able to add frequent destinations like a school or a grocery store marked to the new Go tab, to quickly access directions, see how long it would take to reach, as well as live traffic trends. This new Go tab is will go live soon in Google Maps.

The tech giant posted on its blog that Google Maps is getting a new Go tab soon. Users will be able to pin their favourite destinations, and once pinned, you will not have to type a place’s address every time they need route information, and can easily head to the Go tab and access details about frequently visited places.

The new Go tab will also let users pin public transit routes they frequent. “If you take public transit, you can pin specific routes, which will let you see accurate departure and arrival times, alerts from your local transit agency, and an up-to-date ETA right from the Go Tab. You can even pin multiple routes (including a driving route and a transit route) to the same destination to see which one will get you there most efficiently,” Google said in the blog.

Recently, Google Maps introduced a new community feed in the Explore Tab. This new community feed offers recommendation of nearby events and places. It shows latest reviews, photos, and posts of places and events near you, offered by people and businesses you follow. It also offers content from experts like food and drink merchants, and articles from noted publishing houses.