Government considering setting up 8 new cities across India: Report

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A plan is being considered to develop eight new cities to supplement the existing urban centers in the country to reduce the burden of population, a senior official said.

Government is considered to develop eight new cities was finalized after states sent proposals to the Centre, the Finance Commission would announce the creation of 26 new cities and their locations and timelines for development.

Citing the need to build new cities in the country as the existing cities are not able to meet the needs of the people, Singh said, “The haphazard expansion on the outskirts of the existing cities is affecting the basic planning of these cities. Developed, social and economic activities will increase within a radius of at least 200 km.

Singh further informed that the financial roadmap for setting up new cities is yet to be finalised, but the central government will play a major role in the project as there is a need to develop new cities for the citizens of the country.