Grand Alliance dilemma ends, seat-sharing decided in Cong-RJD

New Delhi: The stir for the assembly elections in Bihar has intensified. According to sources, the Grand Alliance has agreed to seat sharing. Now a big news is coming in between the tussle over seat sharing between RJD and Congress. The Grand Alliance has finalized seat sharing. According to the information, Congress is going to contest 68 seats, then CPIML has got 19 seats, where it will contest.

On the other hand, the CPI and CPM will jointly have 10 seats. The remaining seats will remain with the RJD. It is reported that RJD will accommodate Mukesh Saini. Mukesh Saini’s VIP party can get 10 to 12 seats. There was a lot of tussle over seats in RJD and Congress. However, after Priyanka Gandhi’s intervention, a middle ground was pulled out for the division of the seants.

It has now been almost decided that seat sharing has been agreed on seat sharing within the Grand Alliance and the Congress party has also softened its stand. Congress in-charge Shakti Singh Gohil has said that his priority is to defeat the fascist BJP.

According to the information received from the sources, a large number of Congress leaders including Shakti Singh Gohil sat in a closed room in the Satya Ashram office of Patna and discussed the matter thoroughly. Madan Mohan Jha, Akhilesh Singh, Sadanand Singh and Cobb Qadri were also present at the meeting. Meanwhile, it is also reported that the Congress has also started finalizing the names of the candidates for their priority seats. Therefore, the ongoing tussle over seat-sharing in the Grand Alliance is seen to be over.

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