Hathras accused claim victim was beaten by her family

New Delhi: New revelations are happening daily in the Hathras incident in Uttar Pradesh. Now in this case, another shocking thing has come out on Thursday. According to Dainik Bhaskar, the main accused Sandeep wrote a letter from the jail to the SP of Hathras on October 7, which surfaced on Thursday. Sandeep described himself and the other accused as innocent. He has made serious allegations against the victim’s mother and brother via letter.

The main accused Sandeep said that he had friendship with the victim girl and this was not liked by his family. I was present on the day the incident happened, but the girl’s mother and brother sent me home. After that, I was sent as an accused and sent to jail. Sandeep alleged that the girl’s mother and brother assaulted the victim, which led to her death. Sandeep has demanded a fair inquiry through the letter. The thumb impression of other accused Ravi, Ramu and Lavkush has also been installed on the letter.

In the letter, Sandeep wrote, “I have been sent to jail on 20 September in a false trial. I was accused of wrongdoing and beatings with victim who later died. In this false case, three other people of the village, Lavkush, Ravi and Ramu were also sent to jail on different days. He is an uncle in my relationship. The victim was a good girl, I was friendship with her. My meeting with her and we used to talk occasionally on the phone, but our family did not like our friendship. “

“She and I met at the farm on the day of the incident.” He was accompanied by mother and brother. At his behest, I went to my house and Later I came to know from the villagers that the girl was beaten up by her mother and brother for my friendship, which caused her serious injuries. I never beat up or misbehaved with the victim. Victim mother and brother implicated me and three other people on false charges and sent to jail. All of us are innocent. Please, please get us justice by getting the matter investigated. “

Meanwhile, the family members of the accused have threatened the lives of their jailed children. He says that our children are not safe in jail. Sister-in-law of accused Ramu said that leaders are going to meet in jail. It is said that there is safety in prison, but my children are in danger in prison.

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