Here’s how birthday of Guru Nanak ji celebrated as Gurpurab

Nanak Dev Ji – the primary Sikh Guru’s birthday – is widely celebrated across the world . The auspicious day is understood as Nanak Jayanti, Gurpurab or Nanak Prakash Parv. Gurudwaras are decked up and therefore the festive fervour are often seen as devotees offer prayers in huge numbers.

illustration of Happy Guru Nanak Jayanti festival of Sikh celebration background

The day holds greater significance for Sikhs and is revered together of their most vital festivals. In Sikhism, birthdays of the ten Gurus are observed as major festivals and widely celebrated. it’s their teachings which the Sikhs follow to step on their life path.

Guru Nanak Jayanti holds greater significance for Sikhs and is revered as one of their most important festivals. The celebrations begin with Prabhat Pheri, early morning referred to as Amrit Vela.

Devotees perform seva for free of charge within the name of humanity. The devotees remove a procession early morning and chant prayers and hymns of the Guru. The procession begins from the Gurdwara and therefore the group of devotees move round the localities.

As a customary practice, two days before the Nanak Jayanti, in almost every Gurdwara, Akhanth Path which suggests non-stop recitation of Guru Adi Granth takes place. it’s a 48-hour-long reading session.

One day before the birthday, Nagarkirtan procession is held where Panj Pyaras (The Five Beloves Ones) lead the troupe carrying Sikh flag, Palanquin of Guru Adi Granth . The procession includes devotees singing songs of the Guru.

In this procession, bands playing music, swordsmanship using traditional weapons is additionally displayed. Nanak Dev Ji’s message is spread across the streets where the group is leading.

On the day of the Gurpurab or Nanak Dev Ji’s birthday, celebrations begin early morning referred to as Amrit Vela. Asaa-Ki-Vaar or matins starts the day with immense gratitude. Then, Katha and Kirtan are organised where Guru’s teachings are talked about.

This is followed by Langar which is taken into account to be a sort of prasad. it is a community lunch where people volunteer to partake in offering services. They perform seva for free of charge within the name of humanity.

In Gurdwaras, prayers are performed within the evening and night also. The Gurbani session begins after 12 in midnight at around 1.20 am which is believed to be the time of birth of the Guru. Kada Prasad is additionally distributed amongst the devotees.

It is believed that Nanak Dev Ji was born on Puranmashi of Kattak Puranmashi of Kattak in Rai-Bhoi-di Talwandi within the present Shekhupura District of Pakistan, now referred to as Nanakana Sahib.