Here’s how Hanumanji overcomes all obstacles and achieved the goal

In Sundarkand, Hanumanji was crossing the sea in search of Sita, when the demons named Surasa and Simhika stopped him, but they did not stop and reached their goal i.e. Lanka. If you also want to reach the goal, then 4 things of Hanumanji can be useful for you. Not only by worshiping Hanumanji, but even after learning something from him, many of our problems can be overcome and we can get success in all the work.

According to some special episodes of Shri Ram Charit Manas, know what we can learn from Hanumanji.

Don’t be afraid of problems

When Hanumanji was crossing the ocean in search of Sita in Sunderkand, he had to face many problems. The demons named Surasa and Simhika had prevented Hanumanji from crossing the ocean, but they did not stop and reached Lanka. We too have to face similar struggles at every step. Learning to move towards the goal without being afraid of struggles should be taken from Hanumanji.

Taking quick wise decision

Hanumanji did not waste time fighting Sursa while crossing the ocean. Sursa wanted to eat Hanuman. At that time Hanumanji increased the size of his body before his cleverness and suddenly became smaller. Hanumanji made a small form and entered Sursa’s mouth and came back out. Sursa was pleased with this cleverness of Hanumanji and left from there. We can learn from Hanumanji that we should not waste time under any circumstances. Must be restrained.

Live with restraint

Hanumanji remained a lifelong celibate and his life was restrained. He was very powerful because of his restraint. The fear of serious diseases remains due to uncontrolled routine. We can learn from Hanumanji how to live with restraint. Social service should be the basic objective.

Take care of social worker

Hanumanji was incarnated for the work of Shri Ram. His original purpose was to do the work of Shri Ram, that is, to put an end to Ravana and to make the three worlds happy. We should also take this inspiration from Hanumanji. We should support those who do good and social service.