Here’s how Rahul Gandhi teaches Japanese martial art to Kerala college women

The women of St. Theresa’s College in Kochi learned a life lesson as a Japanese martial art, taught by none other than Congress President Rahul Gandhi. Rahul was in Kochi in Kerala on Monday afternoon to campaign for the UDF in the upcoming assembly elections.

At St. Theresa’s College, he called some female students and taught them ido ekido ‘a Japanese martial art that they had learned. The college auditorium was used by the Congress leader to demonstrate Aikido with the help of students.

Referring to Aikido, Rahul Gandhi said “Therefore it is the principle in life. You all have a huge amount inside you, as long as you are positioning yourself properly. If you are badly positioned, if your stance is weak and you are distracted, then it goes away. If you understand the situation and your position is good, then your attitude is good, you cannot be moved, ”he says.

He also said that women are much more powerful than men, but they are being fooled by the latter because they (women) do not understand how their power works.

“Society is going to push you forward. Society in India treats you very badly. It insults you every day. It doesn’t let you do what you want. It attacks you. Therefore you have to gain strength from inside. For this, you have to understand the way in which you are being pushed. Understand the forces that hurt you and keep yourself properly.

He disagreed with a student who said that men and women are equal in society.

According to college teachers, when a student requested a Wayanad MP to demonstrate certain skills useful to women for self-defense, he taught them a ‘principle’ from a martial art, which they use to protect themselves can do.

The Congress leader, who is on a two-day campaign trip to Kerala for the April 6 assembly elections, kept women in the illusion that they should not be under the illusion that they are less powerful.

The former Congress president said, “Society wants to make you believe that you are less powerful. Don’t buy it.”

However, he advised women not to abuse their power.

“Once you realize that you are more powerful, there is a tendency to misuse it,” Gandhi said.

The Congress leader also addressed a public meeting at Alappuzha and saw Thripunithara among other places.