Here’s the secret of the 14 sounds of Shiva’s Damru

When Goddess Saraswati appeared at the beginning of creation, the Goddess created sound in the universe with the sound of her Veena. But there was neither melody nor music in this sound. From the beginning of creation, as soon as the blissful Shiva started dancing and played the damru 14 times, only then the sound of his damru gave birth to the rhythm of grammar and music. For this reason, Shiva always has a damru in his hand. It is also said that Lord Shiva had appeared with him in order to balance the creation.

Shiva’s damru not only has seven notes but also has alphabet inside it. A rope is tied in the middle of this cone-shaped drum, in which one piece of stone or bronze is placed in the first and second end. goes. When the damaru is shaken from the middle, this piece first strikes the skin of one mouth and then reverses on the other face, which produces the sound of ‘dug-dug’, hence it is also called dugdugi.

14 Sound of damru

When the damru is played, 14 types of sound come out of it! It is considered a mantra in the Puranas. This sound is as follows:- ‘Aiun, Trilak, Aod, Aoch, Hayvarat, Ln, Jmad.Nam, Bhrajbhan, Ghaddhash, Jabgaddas, Khafchath, Chattava, Kapy, Shassar, Hal! The voices of both creation and destruction are hidden in these voices. This vowel is also the formula for the creation of grammar. The scriptures were also composed on the basis of these sources.

Benefits of drumming

According to the Puranas, some infallible and miraculous mantras were emanated from the damru of Lord Shiva Nataraja. It is said that this mantra can cure many diseases. Any difficult task is achieved quickly. The poison of snake or scorpion bite is removed by chanting after the completion of the above mantra or sutras. The upper barrier is removed. It is believed that it can also bring down fever, typhus etc.

The secret of sound

Similar to the sound of the damru, the sound continues to play in us, which are called a, u and ma or aum. Damru’s voices are also mixed in the heartbeat and the sound of the universe. By listening to the sound of Damru in rhythm, the mind gets peace and all kinds of tension gets removed. Its sound removes the negative energy and forces from the surrounding.

Damru is not only an instrument of Lord Shiva, it is a lot. Earthquake can be brought by playing it and water filled in clouds can also be rained. If the sound of the damru continues to ring in the same way, then the environment around it changes. It can be very terrifying and even more pleasurable. People’s hearts can also burst due to the terrible sound of Damru. It is said that Lord Shankar can bring holocaust by playing it. This can prove to be a very cataclysmic sound. Many hidden secrets are hidden in Damru’s voice. The sound of Damru has special significance in the worship of Mahadev.

Sanatan Dharma culture believes that the universe was created by sound and pure light. The soul is the cause of this world. In Sanatan Dharma, some sounds are considered sacred and mysterious, such as temple bell, conch, flute, veena, manjira, kartal, pungi or bean, dhol, drum, mridang, chimta, tuntuna, ghatam, dotar, tabla and damru.