Here’s why BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra compares Rahul Gandhi with Mir Jafar

Sambit Patra apologizes to former Congress chief Rahul Gandhi over allegations against Rahul Gandhi, BJP leader Sambit Patra compares the former to Mir Jafar, saying Jafar had approached the East India Company to become a king.

Patra said that after invading India, the British sided with Jafar and the rest is history. Mir Jafar who was a military general betrayed Siraj ud-Daulah and helped the East India Company in the Battle of Plassey in June 1757. Mir Jafar met the British army at Plassey.

During the fighting, Jafar kept his forces in the rear, allowing the British troops to take full advantage of the terrain. The British forces were able to defeat Siraj ud-Daulah’s troops, forcing the Nawab to abdicate for his life. Soon after this Siraj was captured and later executed.

Patra said, ‘Mir Zafar did the same, gave 24 parganas to seek help from the East India Company and now Rahul is doing the same kind of politics.’ “He is seeking help from abroad to become a ‘shehzada’ in India,” Patra said.

Highlighting Rahul Gandhi’s participation in parliamentary debates, Patra said, “Debate is the soul of democracy but Rahul Gandhi had participated only six times since 2019. He is not participating in debates.”

Further, attacking Gandhi’s remark that ‘unfortunately I am an MP’, Patra said, “Rahul Gandhi does not know what to say. He speaks only with the help of Jairam Ramesh. He himself said that ‘Unfortunately I am an MP’.

Mir Jafar is remembered as a controversial historical figure who served as the Nawab of Bengal from 1757 to 1760. He is mainly known for his role in the Battle of Plassey, where he betrayed Siraj-ud-daulah, the last independent Nawab of Bengal. and helped the British East India Company win a decisive victory over the Bengal Army.

Mir Jafar’s actions at the Battle of Plassey led to the establishment of British colonial rule in India, which had far-reaching consequences for the country’s history and development. Mir Jafar was also known for his corruption and inefficiency as a Nawab, which further contributed to his negative reputation.

Despite his negative reputation, Mir Jafar is also remembered for his patronage of art and architecture, notably building the famous Hazaraduari Palace in Murshidabad.