Here’s Why do we get Pitra Dosh? How to get rid of Pitra Dosh

It is believed in Hinduism that for 15 days in a year, ancestors come to the earth and are satisfied with the Tarpan, Pinddaan and Shradh performed by the family members. Shradh Paksha is considered as a special occasion to get rid of Pitra Dosh. With the blessings of ancestors, the family and home flourish but if the ancestor gets angry, then for many generations to bear the brunt of Pitra Dosh. Why does it feel like Pitra Dosh? Know its symptoms and remedies for peace today.

After death, if the funeral process is not done by law, then there is a Pitra Dosh. In case of premature death, the people of the family have to face the bite of Pitra Dosh for many generations. In astrology, Pitra Dosh is considered inauspicious and a factor of misfortune. It is considered necessary to perform Pitra Shanti Puja in case of premature death.

For disrespecting the parents, not doing Pind Daan, tarpan and Shradh of the family after death, the whole family is blamed for Pitra Dosh. Insulting the ancestors, killing a helpless person, cutting down peepal, neem and banyan trees, knowingly or unknowingly killing or getting a serpent become the cause of Pitru Dosh.

Know the signs of Pitru Dosha

There is always tension in married life due to Pitra Dosh. There are frequent quarrels between husband and wife. There is no unity in the family. Often there is trouble in the house, there is no peace of mind and fighting in the house without talking is a sign of Pitru Dosh.

Obstacles arise in marriage due to Pitra Dosh. There are many problems in marriage. Sometimes the marriage breaks up even if it is confirmed. There is a hindrance in the auspicious work. Divorce or separation after marriage is also the cause of Pitru Dosh. Lack of progeny is also the cause of Pitra Dosh. Even after millions of efforts, children are not able to get happiness for many years of marriage. Even if the child gets happiness, then the child becomes handicapped or dies as soon as it is born.

Due to Pitra Dosh, there is a camp of diseases in the house. Family members are always unwell. In such a situation, there are frequent victims of accidents. Often loss in job and business. At the workplace, along with financial, mental problems have to be faced and progress in the job stops.

Remedies to remove Pitra Dosh

  • Perform tarpan and shraadh to ancestors in the Pitru Paksha. Offer food to the Brahmin and donate according to his ability. Also, on every Ekadashi, Chaturdashi and Amavasya of the year, offer water to the ancestors and do Tripandi Shradh.
  • Worship the Peepal tree in the afternoon daily for the peace of the ancestors. To please the ancestors, offer black sesame, milk, Akshat and flowers in Gangajal to Peepal. This remedy is very effective to remove Pitra Dosh.
  • On the father’s side, daily in the house in the evening, put oil lamp in the south direction. With this, Pitra Dosh ends.

By helping a needy with food, charity or marriage of a poor girl, the ancestors are happy and the Pitru Dosh starts to calm down.

  • Put the picture of ancestors in the house in the south direction and ask them for forgiveness of your mistake every day. It is believed that this reduces the effect of Pitra Dosha.

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